Thursday, December 25, 2008

New York, New York!

We went into New York Tuesday morning. It was FREEZING beyond belief! oh so cold!

NYC skyline with Lady Liberty!

Miss Liberty! Still gotta get up close and personal with her!

Kelsie loved looking at the water, birds, la berty, and herself!

We took Kelsie on the escalator while Hans and Holly bought their subway tickets.

A cool bridge in Central Park.

Having breakfast at Tiffany's! (Crossing off my bucket list!!! yeah yeah!)

I think this was in one of the Trump Towers. It was SOOOOOO warm in there!!

We had to bundle Kelsie up pretty well cause it was freezing. She was such a trooper though!

In front of the tree at Rockafeller center!

Self explanatory!

Kelsie LOVES sunglasses and it so ready for the new year!

Grand Central Station. So my face was frozen and it looked like I had been skiing all day with goggles on or something. My skin does funny things sometimes!

Times Square. We went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was a much needed break from the cold and delish!

Empire State Building. Didn't go up cause the wait was like 1 1/2 hours! no thank you!

Didn't go up Lady Liberty, but Hans wanted one of these and Kelsie loved donning it! We got it in Chinatown.

Some cool government building. We were being abstract!

Me and Kelsie.

At the memorial for the World Trade Center Towers. It was such a long day and we saw so much stuff! Whew! i was very tired and cold by the end, but it was so cool and fun! Can't wait to go back and see stuff again/more and get more souvenirs!


cassie and dan said...

FUN!!! we went thru new york this past summer, and it was much warmer than it looks there! haha you had breakfast at tiffany's! thats great. kelsie is getting sooo big. i keep thinking shes a baby, but then i remember oh yah shes andrews age!!!

Gwen Lynn said...

OH my heck! It looks like you had loads of fun! Was it just you, Millie, and Hans?

Anonymous said...

Didja go see Glenn Beck when you were at Radio City, huh, didja, didja???

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!