Monday, January 19, 2009

Stupid blog

Due to un-pleasant circumstances these are all the pictures I have been able to get uploaded. I have many many more good ones, but, ya know!

We played Quelf and hans had to build a fort and stay in it until his next turn. Quite funny!

Elsa was just sitting like this. She thought it was attractive. JK, it was also for Quelf!

Kelsie showing off her thexy legth!

Buzz and Jake in D.C.
More to come when blogger isn't being stupid!


Jared, Christine, & Lucas said...

I love quelf! It would be really fun with you guys! One game I had to laugh when anyone else laughed. Yikes. I also had to spend the whole game with my left hand on my right knee and my right hand pointing at the nearest wall.... Good times.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds like a fun game! And I can't wait to thee more picturth...(that'th for the Kelthie potht)
Love you, ad00-ba-doo-ree-noo-nee-noo!!!! That's kinda fun too!
Love, Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!