Monday, July 13, 2009

Did you know?

Not having a camera and an extra reason to put pictures on here and new posts is killing me and my ratings. I think I've become one of those blogs that people don't even bother looking at anymore cause I never have anything interesting or exciting on here. I am such a slacker. So I've decided to try and put SOMETHING on here at least 4 times a week.
People. People can be not very smart or observant sometimes. For my job I am often working where the public is around. Last summer I was painting a swimming locker room at Skyview H.S. The entire pool was closed, but we were in and out of that area, and the locker room was open. However, we had some tape and paper, along with all our other painting gear like drops, ladders, buckets, rollers and brushes everywhere, including in the shower area. We had just painted a wall, then took a break. When we came back from break we saw that the floor in the shower was wet, as well as some of the paper and the wall. As we were a little quieter, we hear noises coming from the pool area. We looked out there and proceeded to see a guy just swimming laps, all by himself. There was no lifeguard, no one in the office, nothing. How thick can someone get? Lucky for him he didn't totally ruin our paint job!
Then today was another reminder at the sheer stupidity of some people. We were at Sohi power washing around the pool area outside. We had put up cones and caution tape all along the building so that no one would park there. These two ladies and 3 kids parked right by our work truck and while Al (my boss) was standing right there, they lifted up the caution tape and were trying to walk to the door, even though there was bright yellow tape and signs saying to go around! We had to tell like 10 people to not go through the tape today. Why do peeps have to be dumb sometimes? It was just obnoxious! So there is my ranting for the day!
On to happier times, I have decided that on my birthday I'm participating in a 5K. notice I say participating, not running or walking or skipping or anything. There is a run for women on that day of all days, so I'm rounding up troops to do it with me! Fun, eh? We're even gonna make T-shirts! I figured it was a nice little goal for myself! Schveet! Well, I'll try to get some pics on here soon! Hope you enjoyed my stories from my lovely job!


Rocks In The Wash said...

We were starting to wonder if we were ever going to hear/see anything from you again!

We are staying busy down this way; the boys just finished up their scuba class and had a ball!

Jim (AK RAD) is flying up in the next week or two to visit the Madison's, you should try to track him down.

Tell your mom and sisters we said hello. A

cassie and dan said...

wow, some people huh? i wonder what is going thru someones head when they procede to lift caution tape and try to walk thru. good luck on the 5 k! sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

WHOO-WHOO! Hey! I still check on here like every day, wishing, and hoping, and waiting.... la la la. ANywho- yes, way to go on that 5K! I have started to train for SOMETHING w/ my friend. We're taking it EXTRA slowly! Loves.
Love, Bananiebutts

SPENCERS said...

Hey, Heidi, Sorry I forgot to wish you a hap birth on the day, but I was thinking about it and forgot and remembered at 11:30 after I was in bed and REALLLY wanted to go up and search for my phone to call you, but I was SO TIRED, I couldn't talk my legs into cooperating. Then I decided to call you first thing on Sunday but between church and meals and baths and all that, it slippppped right out of my brain. SO Sorry!! BUt HAPPY BirTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! I STIll love you and so does your new soon-to-arrive NEICE!!! xoxoxo

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!