Thursday, October 15, 2009

Post worthy:

It was a year ago today that I went to the Emergency Room for the first time and found out I had Bell's Palsy. Remember that? Man, where has the time gone? So I rounded up these pictures to remind myself and everyone who looks at this blog of that odd time. I am grateful that I had that trial and that it was not that bad. It could have been way worse, but wasn't! It was actually funny more than anything else. So here's to overcoming crazy obstacles and moving on!

My hospital wristband! And palsy face!

These are compliments of Anna. I was showing her all the crazy things my face did/didn't do and she snapped these while skyping! Trying to squint my eye. Couldn't do it!

This is just what I looked like when laughing really hard! So hilarious!

I had to tape my eye shut at night so it wouldn't get so dried out.

And this was only about a month later at Anna's for Thanksgiving. See how fast it got better?!
And that was my journey with palsy face. Oh what a crazy time that was!!! I'm hitting up Utah this weekend to spend time with Elsa and her family. SOOO EXCITED!! Peace!

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Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!