Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Our ward had a halloween party at the livestock center run by the school. Your truly is on the committee, along with Buzz and Jeff. We make cool things happen!

Jeff the bampire, Buzz Lightyear, Pam...the Pam, and Heidi the interrupting cow! (thanks for the idea Anna!)

Story sequence: Bampire Jeff roped me...

Buzz Lightyear fought him off...

And I was greatful for him saving me...

Good triumphed over evil!
So there are a few pics from the day. Not much happened...oh, well I also did hang out with Josie and her parents...should get a couple pics there. And then Buzz, Jeff and I tie dyed t-shirts. I'll have to put those up too! Things are good here though. 18 days til I leave for Thanksgiving and boy am I excited! Which also means only about 46 days until I leave for Philly! WOOT WOOT!


Anonymous said...

OOOOO! Cool post! I LOVE all your costumes. Looks like you had fun. I should have some pics soon of our halloween party. YAY! Oh yeah, and what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Love, Anna

Heather Marlene said...

hahaha I love it. you are all so awesome! we had a fun little Halloween here too. Keely loved collecting candy.

SPENCERS said...

Hey, I've not checked blogs in forever--how fun to see all these! Love the costumes, the palsy-face, Penelope, and the igloo! Excited for you to come visit us! xo!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!