Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh wow!

Sorry, another post without any pictures. But it should be pretty interesting!
Let's see, where to start? The semester ended!!! Hallelujah! I did well in all of my classes, so being so incredibly busy paid off! I went down to St. George for Mary and B-rad's wedding. That was fantatstic and I got my first semi-noticeable Z-tan! Woot! Then I went back up to Rexburg and did a RAD instructor course. Passed that, so I guess I'm now an official certified instructor! Two woots there! I headed to Hans and Holly's in Oklahoma the 17th and spent a few days with them and their super cute kiddos. I do have some pics from that, just not on the computer yet. Then came the good part:
I was headed home and had a long layover in Seattle. My roommate, Jenna, lives there, so she came and picked me up. We went on over to Pike's Place and walked around for a bit. About 25 minutes later, we came back to her car with the back right door window smashed and my backpack gone. Not only my backpack, but everything I was traveling with, including my laptop, iTouch, passport, and other things. That stinkin thief came away with over $2,000 worth of stuff. And it was no where to be found. So, my life got pretty much turned upside down cause they have access to so many things that they can easily steal my identity. I'm going through all the precautions to try and make sure that doesn't happen, but I have to watch out for it the rest of my life. Major bummer there dude. And, my boarding pass for my last flight was in there, but I luckily had my little pseudo wallet with I.D. and what not, so they just re-printed me one at the airport.
That was a week ago, and things have been pretty interesting since! I made it home, have gotten some stuff done, and am now just waiting to start working somewhere! Really wanting to work cause I'm starting to get really bored. I think having such a busy semester and then suddenly having nothing to do is a hard transition! I'll survive! So that's my life in a nutshell as of late! I'll try and get my pics off my phone from my travels and happenings that I managed to take pics of! Peace!


Anonymous said...

OH BUMMER, SISSER! I'm sorry that that happened to you! I hope you get everything squared away! Loves. Love, Bananiebutts

SPENCERS said...

what's a z tan? and like I said before: I'm real glad that you were uninjured in the robbery. I bet you ARE bored. when you get all busy again you'll wish you were bored, though, so enjoy it, huh?

SPENCERS said...

dang, just posted and it was erased! basically, glad you're safe, and enjoy the time off!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!