Sunday, December 19, 2010


THE SEMESTER IS OVER!!!!! I made it (barely) finishing with just enough energy to clean my apartment and book it on out of there! I am now in the Salt Lake airport waiting to fly out to Virginia!! Yayayay!
A couple weeks ago it was my friend, Alit's, birthday! I know I"m not in this pic, but the one I got in wasn't on my camera!
Alison, my old room mate, and Chelsea, now her room mate, were wrestling...yeah!
Me and Alison!
Me and the birthday boy (who happens to be Alison's boyfriend!)
They had this Michael Jackson Wii dancing game. So funny, and quite fun!
Buzz me and Chelsea!
Me, Chelsea and Jeff!
Then the following Monday was Chelsea's birthday, so we went to breakfast at JB's. Yummo!
Made it to Mona for Lisa Hansen's wedding reception. A couple pics of some Alaskans, trying to do the Alaska sign!
Some of us got it!
Me and the beautiful bride!

With the newlyweds!
Well, time to board my flight. Catch ya on the east coast!!!

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Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!