Monday, November 29, 2010

The week off

So I had a week off of school. It was nice to not have to worry about classes, homework, annoying room mates, yadda yadda yadda! But oh so cruel having to come back for 3 more weeks! Blegh! I've realized I didn't take many pictures. Lame-o of me! But here are some I did take. They are not in any particular order:
Me, Gwendy and Buzz after the fireworks celebration of Holly Days. It was soooo cold! But there were beautiful fireworks we got to watch! Take notice of Buzz's teef! They are brace free!!

Our lovely hosts, Hanna and Matt-hew!
On our way back we went to Mona and ended up staying the night at the Nunez's house with Becca and Lacey! I also went and visited John and Lindsey and their cute family, meeting precious Suzi for the first time. Not sure why I didn't take any pics with them! Argh!
Siblings!! yay!
Me and GwendyLynn!
Buzz broke this shelf at Anna's salon. Silly head! They were very nice though and didn't make him pay for it!
This was actually my pre-thanksgiving feast we had in my Russian class with Uncle Ed. Buzz and the kid behind him aren't in the class, but were visiting for the feast. It was oh so delicious! We tend to have a lot of food days, seeing as how we only have 5 students and like to eat!

That is that peeps. It was a nice week off, and now I just need to focus and plow through until the end! I'm going to make a weekly countdown until I graduate. We're on week t-minus 17!!! Ya ya!!


Rocks In The Wash said...

Love the pictures; can't believe how much Buzz has grown! FYI.. we have RAD simulation the next 2 Tuesdays in a row if you are down in this area.

Heidi Michelle said...

Argh, if only if only! I have school and couldn't possibly get away this close to the end of the semester! Shoot dang! Some day though!

Anonymous said...

Oh wowow! I look so awesome! I love you, and miss you guys already! Love, Bananiebutts

SPENCERS said...

we are preparing for your arrival. we shall do a paper chain to count down the days today. and of course there's the fattening of the christmas goose and growing of a fresh christmas tree...hmm, I better get started on that.
the word verification is "bannita" which I think should be a new name for anna.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!