Monday, November 8, 2010

My semester thus far:

So I finally got a few pictures to upload. Here are some of the happenings of my second to last semester at college!!!
I guess this isn't really my happening, but my mom just sent this to me today. Two bull moose right on the road by our house. And all that snow! Wooftas! It snowed snowed a lot for the first time today. Not so happy or excited about that!
Friday night Jeff and I were really bored, and Jeff needed a cake fix, so we got the stuff and made a cake for Nena's V for Vendetta party. It was pretty good!
Gwendy came up two weekends ago, TOTAL SURPRISE! I haven't gotten a surprise like that in years! It was so fun to have her here. I wish we had taken more pictures. BUT, the significance of this one is that this is my friend Chelsea and Gwen. They are twins. Not only do they look a lot alike, but they act alike, make the same facial expressions, say the same things...yeah, it's totally weird. And it was freaking Gwen out when they were in the same room!
Kierstin stopped by on her drive down from Alaska, so naturally we made chicken enchineenees. We had some friends help us eat them, Kirsten, JR (aka TP, aka Heidi) and Jeff.
For Gwen
Again, we were bored so we headed up to the orchards on campus and picked apples. This flower was also there. It was beautiful, like Jeff's eyes!
Buzz trying to catch the chips in his mouth
About a month ago the five of us (L to R: jeff, Buzz, Chelsea, me and Alison) went up to Jackson for the day. It was a much-needed break from the school and slightly claustrophobic life of Rexburg.
Happy Birthday to Jeff October 8th. This was the dinner and a movie party!
Buzz with all but one of his room mates. He and Jeff accidentally both wore their argyle sweaters, so to make it less awkward they all joined in. CUTE!! Oh, and Buzz spoke in church this day. It was really good!
Back at the end of September Aunt Bear Bear threw a surprise party for Uncle Ed, and Aaron and Madi showed up for it! So afterwards we all went to Applebee's! Did I already post this on here...?!
A picture from star gazing out in Vernal. Did I mention Buzz and I went to Vernal and surprised Anna and Gwen? Well we did, and it was awesome!

One of my first dinner parties of chicken enchiladas. Good times here!

I'm sure I'm missing quality pictures, but ees okay! School is pretty brutal. I'm taking a whopping 17 credits, but I find solace in the fact that it's already half-way over and I registered for the last time last week!! I am SO graduating in April! I also look forward to Thanksgiving in Vernal where I get to spend time with Anna and Gwen. And then heading back to Virginia come December 19th! Don't worry, I've been listening to Holiday music on Pandora for about 4 days straight now! Alrighty, gonna skeedaddle. Peace out dudes!


Anonymous said...

Tis about dang time! I still get on this thing EVERY day, and sometimes a few times a day, hoping that you all post stuff... thank you! It's so fun to see what everyone is up to! I, too, am so decided for you all to come out! MWA! Loves.

Anonymous said...

Those argyle sweaters are the nastiest! I can't decide if they all look like old men or little boys! Gross! I think argyle is so in right now, because I have to wear a purple argyle sweater for family pictures. At least they are made of wool like they used to be. Uggh!


Heather Marlene said...

I'm pretty impressed that your mom saw 2 bull moose. I think after living up there for 5 years I only ever saw 1. and for her to see 2 at once... insane!!! I've see more moose in fights then I've seen of bull moose.

Heidi Michelle said...

Hans, they're making you wear PURPLE argyle?! What the deuce?! They could have at least let the boys wear green or blue or something a little more manly! And Anna, can't you see I'm uber busy this semester? Gosh, I do what I can. And two bulls, yes that is pretty amazing. I don't know that I've ever seen that either! The wonders of Alaska!

SPENCERS said...

great post. keep posting because, though i don't get on here frequently, I dooooo love to catch up! dinner's a-ringing so i gotta go. later, lady

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!