Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Times they are a changing! I have been all over lately and it has been oh so fun! Here's a quick run-down of my life as of late in no particular order, although that would be less confusing!
Stopped in Rexburg for a few days and met up with my peeps. Buzz barely made it in time the night before I left, so I got to see him too. He had just driven (by himself) from Alaska!
My dear friend Chelsea
Emmilie got back from her mission to Montana in July, so I haven't seen her for quite some time. Love that girl!
I got to go with Josie to the Idaho Falls airport to take pictures for when her husband came back from Iraq. He has been gone for a year, except for about 2 weeks where he got to come home for the birth of their first baby together! It was a great day!
Got some nasty sunburn that peeled really nicely. Yuck!
Met Carol and Brian Rhees' brand new baby Bailey. She was only about 5 days old here and SOOOO YUMMY!!!
Before Rexburg I went with some fam to Bear Lake! It was a blasty blast!
Uncle Andy brought his sweet boat. Lets see, there was Andy, Staci, Brighton, and Drew, Curtis and his kids, Lisa Mary and her kids, Jake Kumferman, Kamilla and Spencer, and Aaron and Madi. It was so fun!
Oh, and I went on an AWESOME cruise with my besty Gwen. We went, that's right, to the Cayman Islands. It was an overcast/rainy day and there wasn't a whole lot to do there, but we went!

We also went to Jamaica! Definitely my favorite part of the cruise! The people there were so friendly and their accents ROCKED! Totes going back some day!
And now I'm in Fudginia hanging with the kiddos and we babbins! I joined the YMCA...that's fun! And just chilling, trying to get things figured out for going to Kiersty's wedding in December! Woot Woot!

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