Sunday, November 2, 2008

A few pics

Although my camera has been giving me vast amounts of problems, I luckily have my cellular device that I almost always have with me and can whip out to snap a picture real quick-like!

Nena the Woopi Cushion with Palin and McCain at the halloween dance!
Emi helping Barker get suited up before last week's simulations in RAD! Funny!

So not a very good picture, but this is Celina (red shirt, blue shorts) and Kierstin (red shirt, maroon shorts) at their only soccer game I was able to attend. The won this game, but unfortunately not the championships. They got beat by a team of Mexicans or something, or that's how Kierstin puts it!

My last online purchase. This is THE BEST honey sesame seed mix you'll ever have, if you're lucky enough to have it. There are quite a few stores that carry this brand, but not this specific package. Broulim's (our local hometown grocery store) was going strong with me and carried it all last year, then I come back this fall, and they've let me down. So I ordered some on Amazon.come. It came in 2 boxes, each with 24 packets! I will use them all because they're SOOO GOOOD!! If I come visit you, and you would like to try some, let me know and I"ll bring a packet to share!

So that's my pictures for now. I would put a picture from Halloween up, but I left my camera at Kierstin's and don't want to walk ALL the way over there to get it. I've been very lazy today cause I have aqcuired a cold and it's not fun a'tall. This month just keeps getting better. Oh, and I've diagnosed myself with vertigo. All this last week I've been dizzy throughout the day, especially when I first wake up. It has not been fun. Sheesh! And I hope you have enjoyed my videos that I've posted on here. I think they're HILARIOUS!

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cassie and dan said...

HAHAH!! that is so funny you like that honey sesame chicken!! my sister in law jen got that and LOVED it, and she checked like every store, and was about to order herself some from the manufacturer, but finally found it at Dans Supermarket, and so she bought like 10 or 15 packets. thats just funny!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!