Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hello my public!

Life is fine here in the Heidi House, or something! First off: face update.
The eye I am closing is the side that was having problems. I couldn't close it by itself, and there is just a little bit of resistance to having a full smile. And my right eye gets dried out easier, but other than that it's basically back to normal! This month has been pretty intense, with the palsy, then my vertigo, then I was sick all this week! I'm anxious to see what'll happen next!
On better news, we only have 4 weeks of school left, and 5 until the semester is over!!! Which means two weeks of school, then our Thanksgiving week-long break (still not sure on final plans for that week) then two more weeks and I'm off to Philly! WAAAHOOOOO! I was about to change my flight to leave a day later because my friend is in the process of getting officially engaged and was thinking about getting married the 13th in Bountiful, but she just informed me they are getting married the 20th instead. I'm very sad I won't be able to make it to that, but I can't do anything about that now! Perhaps I"ll go see a play on Broadway or visit the White House on that day instead, since it's a Saturday!
I have also been really busy with school and homework. I was better this week on managing my time and doing my homework, so kudos to me! I still have a lot to do though. But it's all good. And that's it for now! Peace!
P.S. If you read my blog, you can totally leave me comments! I really enjoy those!


DKSBrayton said...

I missed the Philly announcement. what are you going for? How long? Will you be anywhere else on the East Coast? Come visit me!!

Gwen Lynn said...

Heidi! Im commenting on your blog!

Jared, Christine, & Lucas said...

We're glad to hear that your face is getting better. It gave you something to blog about, but maybe that kind of excitement would be better avoided in the future. Anyways, I think we're going to stay here for Thanksgiving, but definitely let us know when you know what you're doing. We're very sad you're not going to AK for Christmas, since that's where we're going. We'll miss you!

cassie and dan said...

good luck in philly!! sounds like fun! if you are in slc for thanksgiving , call me!

DKSBrayton said...

You should go to Palmyra or the best part of NY (Upstate NY) for part of your Christmas trip. I would normally say we'd meet you in the city but we are trying to buy a house and hoping to be moving in right around that time so things should be sufficiently crazy. Wanna come north and see me????

SPENCERS said...

I'm happy to know that you don't still have the palsy! xo

Estelle said...

I'm so glad that you have survived all those dreadful things! Also, take advantage of the time off for the holidays while in school... all of a sudden you get out and your work doesn't give you a week off for Thanksgiving or 3 weeks off for Christmas, and you have to work... yuck!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! It's DEESGUSTING! Hey, DOODIEBRAIN, w/ a half twist, double hummelcamel, and a minuet in G! I thought, "hmmmm, it's been a while since I left her a post/comment, I best get on that!" MRH!
Love, Bananiebutts
(hey, I just thought of something, you know when you have a word typed wrong, or the computer doesn't recognize a word? Well, when we leave posts we should just choose one of the random words that it suggests. So here I go: AHEM

YEAH! It's DISGUSTING! Hey, LAMEBRAIN, w/ a half twist, double Camelopardalis, and a minuet in G! I thought, "hummus, it's been a while since I left her a post/comment, I best get on that!" MYRRH!
Love, Bantamweights

Millie said...

Bannaniebutts, you are hilarious!!!

Heides, so glad to see your face is almost nl again. Congrats!

Mother died of influenza!!!


SPENCERS said...

Yes, very funny, bananies...I don't know how you did it, but it's pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just copy and paste your post right below the original, then right click on all the "underlined" words. You know, words that the computer's dictionary doesn't recognize. And it'll give you other options.
I'd have to say, the options that I've gotten are quite exuirzhit!
Love, Bananiebutts, again

Heidi Michelle said...

I think you have a special computer, or maybe it's cause you use firefox, but internet explorer doesn't tell you when your words are wrong. It let's you be your normal, wrong-word-spelling own person. You are your own rainbow!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!